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We’ve had a very busy month here at Outerbridge, helping our VIP support customers to get the most out of their websites. Many of our customers have a guaranteed amount of development time each month included in their monthly package.

Here’s just a small selection of the work we’ve done for our support customers this month:

  • Copywriting for 4 new website pages to reflect new product launches
  • Creating a SoundCloud account and adding tracks and playlists
  • Adding a “featured products” carousel to a WooCommerce website
  • Creating new reports to enable information to be extracted from a WordPress database
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) training
  • Advice on how best to achieve various requirements for an online shop (e.g. bulk discounts, membership and events bookings)
  • Complex amendments to a WooCommerce product category structure and WordPress menu structures

We absolutely love working with our regular customers. The work we do for them is so varied and interesting. Customers recognise the importance of investing in their websites, and they realise the benefit of great hosting and regular updates. Having guaranteed monthly development time means that customers can ask for help with their website whenever they need it. It enables us to build great working relationships and to really understand what makes their businesses tick.

As you can see from the above list, no two customers are alike and we can tailor our services to suit the industry, culture, IT skills and size of each business. We work with all types of businesses; including dance studios, life coaches, wine merchants, craftsmen, professional services and manufacturers.

More about our support package services

After building, maintaining and providing support for WordPress websites for nearly a decade, we realised that most business owners have an ongoing need for website assistance, care and updates. So we used our expertise to put together all the components that ensure comprehensive website maintenance and support, into our Website Care Plans.

As well as regular help with their websites, customers can rest assured that we take care of everything including backups, security, plugin updates and website speed. For more information about our website hosting and support packages, please see our WordPress Care Plans page.

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