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We offer a full range of website services. So whatever you need for your website, we can help. Just let us know what you’re looking for…



Websites that work; from brochure websites to online shops


Web Development

From payment systems to plugins, quick fixes and online calculators


Website Support Plans

Everything you need to care for your WordPress website in one simple package

Personal trainer

WordPress Training

Individual or small group training. Fun, interactive and highly effective

Search engines


For better rankings, more traffic and more sales conversions

Business decisions

Website Strategy

From discovery sessions to website workshops, we can help you to figure it all out

How We Help

Improve Sales

Not everyone wants to grow. But most businesses want to attract the right kind of sales. Our website services can help you to tailor your website so that it attracts the type of customers you want.

website Care

If you don’t have time to care for your website, it won’t thrive. We can look after everything for you so that your website is in good hands and you never need to worry.

Ideas & Advice

Sometimes it’s not easy to know what can be done and what website services are available. We are on top of the latest trends and developments, so we can advise you what’s best for your business.



Every website is different. The overall cost will depend on how complex the project is, and what features you are looking for. As a guide, our website projects usually cost between £2,000 – £20,000

We can deliver a website in as little as 2 weeks, but it usually takes around 6-8 weeks depending on complexity and our workload. Of course, this is dependent upon your timely input in respect of content, images and review

No problem – we can sort all that out for you. It can be really confusing, but we’ll sort out your https from your http and your www from your non-www. We can advise you on the best domain name, purchase it for you  and make sure everything’s set up correctly.

At Outerbridge, we don’t offer cheap hosting, we offer website care plans. Our plans include super-fast, reliable hosting, but they also include lots of services that you won’t find elsewhere. Like plugin updates, performance monitoring, backups and security services. Our packages start at just £99+VAT per month. They will save you huge amounts of time and give you real peace of mind, knowing that your website is in safe hands.

Yes; we get both of these questions! We are highly efficient, with slick and controlled processes, so we get things right first time. We can code faster than other web developers. We make the effort to understand your business in detail, so we don’t need to ask lots of questions. Also, we work from home, so we don’t have expensive offices, high overheads or long commutes. And we pass these savings on to you

Yes, definitely. We often work closely with web designers and graphic designers to turn their creations in to a WordPress website. Find out more about our services for designers

No. You are completely free to buy hosting elsewhere, but bear in mind that you will need to sort out backups, software updates, security etc. Cheap hosting is usually a false economy, but we can advise you on all the options available to you and what’s most appropriate for your situation

No. Although of course we will need to check that it has been built to a good standard and maintained correctly. That’s why we offer a Website Audit for just £249+VAT. We can review your website in detail and let you know if it needs any additional work to bring it up to our minimum standards before you transfer to us

Don’t worry – we’ve seen it all before, and we’ve probably seen far worse! Like this one, for example. We’ve all had websites in the past that we’re not proud of; even us. So we might laugh with you, but never at you. What matters is that you take steps to get it sorted, and our WordPress services can help you with that. And it’s completely normal to be nervous or unsure about things; we are here to help you.

No. There’s no contract to sign and no minimum period. If you pay monthly, you are free to cancel at any time and you are free to switch between plans too. If you prefer to pay annually, you pay for the whole year upfront and you are free to cancel or switch to a different care plan at the end of that period

We require a 50% deposit to commission any web development or new website work. The final 50% is payable upon delivery. Website support plans are payable monthly in advance by direct debit. There is an annual payment option if you prefer, payable annually in advance

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