Should you get one of the new .uk domain names?


Thinking about buying one of the new .uk domain names?

Lots of people have been asking about the new .uk domain names that everyone seems to be using lately. If you’ve been thinking about buying one, here’s what you need to know:

New .uk domain names are now available

As you may already know, Nominet (the governing body for all UK domain names) has recently announced that .uk domain names are now available to register. They will run alongside the existing names.

This is the biggest change to UK domain names since they began, and it opens up new choices and opportunities for UK website owners.

Who can use the new domains?

Existing,, etc. domain owners are being offered first rights to register and buy the equivalent .uk domain. Where there are two domain owners for a name e.g. one person has the and another the, Nominet have decided the new .uk domain will be offered to the registrant first.
This means that you can now secure the .uk equivalent of your domains with guaranteed success! There’s no rush for this, because you have until 2019 to claim it, but if you want to own and use it now, then you can. Also, registering it now means that you won’t forget to do it when the deadline expires.

What about non-registered domains?

All .uk domain names that do not have an equivalent name already registered will be available to register instantly on a first-come, first served basis.

Why should I get another domain name?

.uk domains represent a fantastic new opportunity. The new .uk suffix is concise and puts the focus on your brand name to create a great first impression. It’s modern and punchy and draws attention to your brand name. Many big-name companies have already converted to .uk. The new extension also gives you a new space to develop the identity and success of your online business and showcase these changes to your online community.

Make life easier for customers and protect your brand

Nominet’s own research indicates that “81 percent of people prefer .uk domains when searching or buying online.” It’s easier for tablet and smartphone users to type in, and more memorable for customers. Whether you have a personal or company name, registering the .uk equivalent enables you to keep control by preventing squatters and competitors from trading on that name.

How much does a .uk domain cost?

.uk domain names are currently available from Outerbridge for just £15+VAT per year. This includes redirecting it to your existing domain name.

How can I get more information?

Contact us at Outerbridge to secure your .uk domain name or to find out more.

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