25 WordPress Tweaks to consider for your website

WordPress tweaks

If you need any WordPress tweaks for your website, you’ve come to the right place. We are experts in all aspects of WordPress, so whatever you need doing on your WordPress website, simply contact us for a no-obligation quote. It’s a great way to get those niggly problems fixed once and for all.

The benefits

  • A fixed-price quote for an agreed piece of work
  • A firm delivery date with a quick turnaround
  • Reliable and friendly service
  • A solution to your problem

Examples of WordPress Tweaks

We tend to call them WordPress Tweaks, but some people refer to them as WordPress fixes, WordPress enhancements or WordPress bespoke jobs. Examples of the type of WordPress Tweaks that our customers have requested include:

  1. update WordPress to the new version
  2. update my WordPress plugins for me
  3. install a GoogleMap (location map) on my website
  4. set up a new WordPress theme on my website
  5. redirect my domain to another website (domain mapping)
  6. improve my search rankings in Google (SEO)
  7. install a theme on my WordPress website
  8. install WordPress on my website
  9. speed up my WordPress website for me
  10. fix a small bug with my website
  11. convert my HTML website to a WordPress website
  12. make my WordPress website responsive
  13. create a WordPress widget for me
  14. install a contact form on my website
  15. install a Captcha on my website
  16. integrate my WordPress website with GoCardless
  17. integrate my WordPress website with PayPal
  18. help me to display my webcam images on my WordPress website
  19. add a slideshow or slider to my WordPress website
  20. allow me to take credits or points as payment on my WordPress website
  21. add a Twitter feed to my WordPress website
  22. create an email or newsletter sign-up pop-up for my WordPress website
  23. add social media icons (Twitter, Facebook etc.) to my WordPress website
  24. run a security scan on my website to check for malicious code
  25. speed up my WordPress website

The cost

Prices for our WordPress tweaks start at just £70+VAT. Please contact us to get a free quote.

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