Fix247 are a highly successful business based in Exeter, selling fixings to the construction industry, plumbing and electrical trades. 

They approached us for help with managing their website, which had been built some time ago and was starting to show its age. They were struggling to update it and needed help understanding how best to use it, as they were not in a position to undertake a full website redesign. 

We worked closely with one of the directors to make the most of the existing website, providing training and advice as well as sorting out some problems with the old website and transferring the hosting to Outerbridge.

Since then, we have made significant improvements to the old website, including some light cosmetic and styling changes to give it a new lease of life. Fix247 now have an ongoing monthly website support package which takes care of all their website needs including performance management, security, updates, server management etc. 

Fix247 now choose Outerbridge for the majority of their website support, so that they can concentrate on running their extremely busy company. We work closely with them to ensure that the website reflects their needs and will grow with the company and reflect the exciting changes that they are in the process of (including a move to new premises and the launch of their new catalogue).


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