Gerry Jewellers

Gerry Jewellers are a highly reputable traditional jewellers based in Newton Abbot. They initially approached us for some WordPress training on their website, which was giving them no end of problems. Having been let down by their previous web developers, they were looking for a reliable partner to take care of their website in future. 

We were able to help them with their training needs and helped them to stabilise their existing website. They were so impressed that they later commissioned us to build them a brand new website from scratch.

The new website showcases their magnificent range of high quality jewellery by using detailed images taken from different perspectives. The products speak for themselves, so the website structure is minimal and modern, whilst making use of traditional elements such as colours and fonts to reflect the existing branding. 

Gerry now use Outerbridge for all their website training needs, and have recently benefitted from some training in search engine optimisation and content creation.

In addition, Gerry have a website support package which includes hosting, maintenance, performance management, security and updates so that they have peace of mind that their website is in good hands.

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