Direct Brand

Direct Brand are a UK company selling commercial kitchen, HVAC and pellet stove parts to the US market.

When they contacted us, they were having lots of issues with their website. As a busy E-Commerce website, they could not afford the amount of downtime they were getting and bugs meant that the website did not always work as customers were expecting. In addition, they had problems with search engine optimisation and difficulty in finding a reliable web developer.

The website is a complex one. It is built with the Astra WordPress theme, the Elementor page builder and WooCommerce. In addition, numerous plugins provide functionality such as advanced search features, multilingual options, shipping calculations, shipment tracking and reviews. Unfortunately there were many plugin conflicts and it was becoming difficult to update the website. 

We worked closely with Direct Brand to unravel the problems with their website, ensuring that it was stable and secure. We then tackled the functionality issues, correcting bugs and making sure that the customer ordering and checkout process was efficient and customer-friendly. 

We are now working over time to improve the SEO, introduce new features and incorporate new marketing tools to enable the business to grow further.

Direct Brand also have a monthly support package with Outerbridge, which takes care of all maintenance, security, updates etc. so that problems do not build up over time. 


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