Working Adventures

Working Adventures

Working Adventures is a recruitment team of over 20 people located remotely across Europe and South Africa. When co-owner and Operations Manager Graham from Working Adventures first approached us, the company had two separate websites – one in Dutch, the other in German. Neither of the sites worked properly due to numerous bugs and neither was stable – problems which could easily put potential candidates off contacting them, which was the main purpose of the sites.


We worked closely with Graham, firstly to stabilise both the websites by developing a fresh new common theme for each site. We then developed some very complex search functionality which we also integrated with the company’s marketing activity. We also ensured that the websites transitioned perfectly between desktop and mobile devices.


Having stabilised the Dutch and German sites, we created one, new larger site with nine different languages on it. We expanded the search functionality to seamlessly handle the additional language translations and provided other functionality such as the ability to allow the system to set and remember a user’s language preferences. Redirects were introduced to move users onto the new consolidated site smoothly. We also included slick functionality which means that, for example, Italian vacancies are shown on the Italian vacancies area (as this is one of the nine main languages), whereas Romanian vacancies are grouped with other non-core languages in the English vacancies area. We also created the ability for new vacancies to automatically have Job Posting structured data created, so that they appear in job search results in search engines. You might also be interested in reading about our work for AnyworkAnywhere, Working Adventure’s sister company.

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