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Backups are vital to ensuring that your website can be recovered when necessary. Backups are included for our Support Package Customers.


I Don't Believe It!

Here at Outerbridge, we’re constantly amazed by how much time, effort and money people will spend on their websites.  And yet they don’t ensure that they’ve got a proper backup of that site.  What happens when they need to restore the site when something goes wrong?

Backups - What You Need To Know

For a WordPress site, there are two parts to that backup – there’s the files and the database, and you need both in order to be able to restore. All of Outerbridge’s Support Package Customers’ sites are backed up so they don’t need to worry. 

We have a belt and braces approach. Each site is on its own server and the server backs up the site according to the required schedule. Then, another server takes a copy of those backups – so that we’ve got a backup of the backup – to a completely secondary different location.  Finally we then take some of those backups from the second server and store them in a third location. So it really is belt and braces here!

But if you’re not an Outerbridge Support Package Customer, and you’re concerned about your backups, then we would really urge and encourage you to check today that you have a backup of the files and the database, and we would also encourage you to restore from that when you don’t need to in order to check that you can actually do it so that the backups that you’ve got do actually work!

We do that for our Support Package Customers from time-to-time just to make sure that everything’s okay.

Want To Know More?

If you want to discuss anything about backups – it might not be the most exciting topic in the world but we’re very happy to talk about it – you can call us on 01626 572572 or you can email us at

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