5 reasons to switch your website to an Outerbridge Support Package

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There are many reasons why an Outerbridge Support Package is the best solution for your business. Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of making the switch.

1. With an Outerbridge Support Package, we take care of everything, so you’ll never need to worry about your website again

Whether it’s backups, security, SSL certificates, WordPress and plugin updates, database cleaning & optimisation, site monitoring or server maintenance. Simply put, whatever your website needs, it gets. Make no mistake; with a cheap hosting company, you will end up spending hours on maintenance. You will get frustrated trying to get everything done and you run the very real risk of something going seriously wrong. Here at Outerbridge, we have a very simple philosophy – we treat your website as if it were our own.

2. Our managed hosting is SERIOUSLY fast, so your website will zip along nicely

In order to keep their prices low, most hosting companies cram as many sites as possible onto one server. We treat every single website differently. We fine-tune your server for optimal performance for your website and yours alone, which means that it will be lightning fast (and noticeably faster than on cheap hosting). When people switch to an Outerbridge Support Pacakge, it’s not unusual for us to improve the speed of their website by 80 or even 90%.

3. Your website benefits from its very own server, so it gets special treatment

Your website is your livelihood. If your site is too slow or not working for any reason, it will seriously impact your business. Crucially, we give your website its very own, dedicated VPS with its own unique IP address. Shared hosting is just that; multiple unrelated websites are sharing the same server. So your website can be adversely affected by any one of them. If one slows down or goes down, they all slow down or go down (and try getting support when that happens). With Outerbridge, all websites we look after have their own server. So if there’s a problem, only one website is affected and we can concentrate on sorting that out quickly. It’s very rare for a website to go down on our hosting, but on the rare occasion that it does, we usually have it back up and running before the owner was even aware it was down!

4. You benefit from the latest security features, so you never have to worry about being hacked again

With shared, cheap hosting you will need to spend lots of time and effort taking backups of your website. You also need to protect it from the latest malware, security vulnerabilities or hacking attempts. You will constantly worry about what will happen if your site gets compromised.

Here at Outerbridge, we take regular backups for you, and keep on top of the latest security alerts. We proactively protect your site, which dramatically reduces the possibility that it will be compromised. Furthermore, in the very unlikely event that your site is hacked, we will fix it for free!

5. Our support is legendary. If you find a problem, chances are we’re already working on it.

If you need help with your website, it’s no secret that cheap hosting companies can be very difficult to deal with. When your website is down and you call them, it’s probably not going to be a pleasant experience. With Outerbridge, you’ll speak to either Mike or Penny. They are friendly and helpful, they won’t talk in jargon, and they provide stellar support. Chances are, if something is wrong with your website they will know about it before you do. Most of the time, we fix any issues before you even notice them.

Find out more about an Outerbridge Support Package

Our support packages start at just £99+VAT per month, including fully managed hosting plus many additional features. If you think that an Outerbridge Support Package might be the answer for your website and give you the peace of mind that you need, please contact us to find out more.

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