We’ve sweetened our WordPress Website Support Plan Offering


New, sweeter WordPress Website Support Plans

We’ve made some changes to our WordPress website support plans over the last month or so (March 2017). So they now offer even more features and better value for money. We offer three plan levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. For a detailed list of the benefits included in each of the plans please visit our support packages pages.

Website Development and Enhancement Time

The time allowance for our Gold and Platinum WordPress website support plans is now 2 hours and 4 hours respectively. This is an allocated allowance of our time each month which you can choose how to use, e.g. for content management work, SEO enhancements or technical support tasks. Some specific examples of how you might choose to use the time include:

  • adding a testimonials area to your website
  • identifying whether there are any crawl errors on your site and correcting any problems
  • making the necessary changes to your website after you’ve changed your email address
  • adding a new page to your website
  • making speed improvements to your website
  • Search Engine Optimisation training

For more specific examples of what our customers use the time for, please see the following blog post. It will give you a good idea of the types of things we do for our customers:

Ever feel alone with your website?

Site Security Checking

We have enhanced the site security checking service so that all our customers now get daily website security monitoring. This is an essential part of keeping nasty intruders out of your website.

Hosting Servers

We have made many changes to the servers that we use for our hosting, particularly for our Silver customers. Previously, our Silver package customers shared a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Now, like Gold and Platinum, Silver customers get their own, individual VPS. This means that no other website can affect your site. The differences between the different servers for each package level are in terms of the resources allocated to the VPS – RAM, disk space, cores, etc.

Silver WordPress website support customers also now benefit from an SSL certificate, their own dedicated IP address and an automatic failover site. The SSL certificate and dedicated IP address are important for your website’s reputation, its security and your search engine placement. In the unlikely event of your main site going offline, our system will automatically detect this and bring the failover site online. This means that your customers are not faced with a blank screen or ugly error message and can still get in touch with you. These enhancements bring the Silver package into line with Gold and Platinum customers. We consider these items to be an absolute minimum requirement for hosting in 2017.

In addition, Gold and Platinum customers now benefit from their own development areas. This is a password-protected copy of their entire website on one of our development servers. It means that we can test out major plugin or theme updates for potential problems in a safe environment away from the live site. We can also use it to develop any code we are writing or changes we are making as part of the newly extended website development and enhancement time.

For more information about WordPress website support plans and/or any of the items in this post, please contact us.

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