Have you ever tried getting WordPress web development time at short notice?

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WordPress web development time at short notice? Good luck with that…

It’s difficult to find a good WordPress web developer. There are plenty of WordPress developers out there, but they are often unreliable or just don’t have the skills. Consequently, the good ones tend to be exceptionally busy. So it’s difficult to get one when you want one. It’s bad enough when you just want some routine changes made, but what if your website goes down, or your online shop can’t accept payments? You don’t want to risk having to find a developer at short notice.

What’s more, it’s very difficult to tell the difference between a great developer who is agreeable and friendly and someone who will just say yes to anything in the hope of making some money. So wouldn’t it be great if you could just pick up the phone to a reliable developer; one that you already know well and trust. One who understands your business and can guarantee that they will be available for you when you need them?

How to get guaranteed development time

For the ultimate peace of mind, our popular website support packages include a guaranteed amount of our web development time each month. Customers find this really useful – it means that they can benefit from continuous improvements to their website without having to find a developer. Good WordPress developers can be hard to find. Even if you do manage to track one down, you often find that they are too busy to fit you in. With an ongoing support package, our customers know that they can get problems fixed or changes made without any fuss.

Think you don’t need development time? Think again…

It’s quite common for people to say to us “but I don’t need any development time; my website is fine as it is”. Believe me, if you have a website you do need development time. Of course, unlike a marketing leaflet, that can never be changed once it is published, your website can be constantly updated to reflect your business. So if you’ve got a new offer, or new products then the website can publicise them for you right away. To get the most out of your investment in a website, you should be making changes to it on a regular basis. Google loves websites with frequent updates and consequently it indexes them higher in search results. Also, web technology moves on so fast, it’s important that your website is updated to reflect best practices.

Deciding what to do with your development time

Because running business is difficult enough, we help our support customers to prioritise their development time by keeping a list of potential future developments that they have asked us to consider. So they don’t have to worry about their website – if something occurs to them, they just make a note of it and let us know at one of our regular update meetings. We always keep a record of everything so that never gets forgotten; a website to-do list if you like.

Keeping track of development time

Of course, every month, we send our customers a report that details what we have done during the month, what we propose to do for them next month and things to consider for the future. The vast majority of customers find that they have no problem using their development allowance! In fact, many people buy extra development time from us once they realise that the return on their investment is so high. In addition, our premium website support customers benefit from a discount on additional development time, so this is a very cost-effective way of developing a website.

Examples of recent WordPress web development for our premium website support customers

By way of example, here is a small sample of the things that we are doing for our website support customers:

  • Investigating an issue whereby some emails were not automatically sending
  • Fixing a problem with a payment system integration on a WooCommerce website
  • Writing some code to allow free shipping in certain circumstances on a WooCommerce website
  • Investigating a problem whereby coupon amounts are incorrect on a WooCommerce website
  • Enabling a customer to take deposits for products on a WooCommerce website
  • Building a “featured products” area for an online shop
  • Purchasing and configuring multiple new domain names
  • Completing an SEO technical audit with recommendations for improvement
  • Building a “latest jobs” ticker for a recruitment website
  • Enabling categorisation of media images within the WordPress media area to aid identification
  • Writing and optimising blog posts
  • Uploading music tracks to a Soundcloud account and embedding them within a website

Find out more about guaranteed development time

Maybe these will give you an idea for your own website, or maybe you have your own ideas. Either way, it’s worth finding out more about our Premium WordPress Website Support Packages. They start at just £99+VAT per month, and this includes fully-managed WordPress hosting on your own private server. Packages with guaranteed development time start from just £199+VAT per month. Compare our different packages here.

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