WordPress plugins

Do you need a plugin? We can build a WordPress plugin to your exact requirements. We can also customise an existing one for you. Maybe you need advice on whether there is already a solution to your problem. Or maybe there’s a better way of doing something than using a plugin? In fact, whatever you want your WordPress website to do, we can help.

GoCardless for WordPress

We are the developers of GoCardless for WordPress (available via CodeCanyon). We also have a number of free plugins available in the official WordPress repository. These include Human Captcha, Nested Shortcodes and Password Generator.

Find out the latest news and updates about our own and other popular WordPress plugins by reading our blog posts below.

GoCardless WordPress Plugin

Please note that we are no longer selling the GoCardless WordPress plugin via the CodeCanyon website. If you want to integrate GoCardless with your WordPress website please contact us for a quote. GoCardless makes it really easy to collect Direct Debit payments via your website. It’s perfect for invoice payments of variable amounts, as well…

your wordpress website sucks

The top 10 reasons why your WordPress website sucks

Ever wondered whether your WordPress website sucks? It might not be for the reason you think! In “the top 10 reasons why your WordPress website sucks”, we take a look at the most common mistakes that people are unaware of when it comes to their WordPress websites. People often come to us asking for specific…

website developer

Website developer work for WordPress – October’s update

October’s WordPress website developer work It’s time for our monthly roundup of WordPress website developer work. Once again, our workload was extremely varied. This month’s website development themes Sometimes we notice the same requests coming up from a number of different people, and this month was no exception. Our WordPress website developers are getting more…

Open horizon at sea

Yoast SEO vulnerability – update for our support customers

Yoast SEO is an extremely popular WordPress plugin which offers great search engine optimisation functionality. A security researcher at WordFence identified a security problem with the Yoast SEO plugin (version 3.2.4 and earlier). This is critical, because it gives any user with ‘subscriber’ level access the ability download the plugin settings. For websites that have open registration, this means…

New Free WordPress Plugins available

We have added 3 new free WordPress Plugins to the Plugin page of our website! A free human Captcha WordPress Plugin, which provides a more human-friendly Captcha tool which is based on answering logical questions and avoids those horrible fuzzy images. A free strong random password generator WordPress Plugin, which generates a random password to…