How long does a website take to build?


So, how long does a website take to build?

It’s one of the questions we most often get asked (second only to ‘how much will it cost’). ‘How quickly can I get a website built?’ or ‘how long does a website take?’. But these are questions that are very difficult to answer, because it depends on many factors. Not least how complex the site is. But it also depends how good the customer is at working collaboratively with their web developer.

Know what you want from your website

As a customer, it works best of you have a really clear idea of what you are looking for. It also helps if you are good at explaining what you want. This is one of the reasons that Outerbridge always make sure they know exactly what you are looking for. Before we even start to build your website, we take the time to understand your business and your preferences. We take time to find out what you are looking for in terms of the look and style of your website. 

Decide on the website content

We also work with you to develop the content for the website and discuss what you want to achieve from having the website. What’s more, you get plenty of opportunity to review the website as it is being built, because it’s much easier to make changes as we go along.

What’s the quickest we’ve ever built a website?

To prove just how quick it can be though:

A south west firm of accountants commissioned Outerbridge to develop a new website. One which reflected their professionalism but also emphasised their friendly, approachable style. They wanted the site to have a fresh, clean and modern look and gave us examples of some other websites that they liked. 

The thing was, they were launching the business imminently and wanted the site to go live as soon as possible. So Outerbridge pulled out all the stops, and the total elapsed time from commissioning the site to approval and go live was just 2 weeks.

We’re not promising we can do that with every website, but it shows what can be done with effective collaboration.

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