When Mindscreen first approached us, they had a clear vision of assisting parents and teachers in raising children’s self-esteem. The tools and resources required to do this would be easily accessed through an online portal.

Outerbridge was delighted to be chosen as the web developers to realise the vision.

We are proud to have worked closely with Gavin at Mindscreen to refine and develop the system as the business’ focus has shifted slightly towards teachers and school environments.

In addition to the web development work that we undertake, our monthly WordPress website support package provides Mindscreen with the peace of mind that it needs knowing that the system is safe and secure, fully backed up and monitored, etc.

We have been working with Mindscreen for many years now, and we are very proud to be entrusted with caring for the Mindscreen website, and hence playing a small part in helping raise children’s self-esteem.

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