Professional website services for Joanne Manville

Professional website services

Professional website services are essential when it comes to running a busy virtual assistance business. Joanne Manville leads a team of ten people all of whom have a wide range of personal assistance and business support skills, in what is a very challenging, demanding and rewarding field of practice.

Outsourcing website services

Being a virtual assistant, Joanne is acutely aware of how important it is to outsource tasks that you don’t have the time (or the inclination) to do yourself. As her business became more successful, she found that she was spending far too much time working on her website. And it wasn’t something she particularly enjoyed doing. Keeping her website up-to-date, secure and running smoothly was becoming a headache, and it was just not something that she wanted to be spending her time on. 

Website maintenance and management

Joanne did some research on professional website services, and found that Outerbridge had just what she was looking for. In the same way that her clients outsource non-key skills to her and her team, she outsources the maintenance and management of her website to us, via a monthly website support package. 

Peace of mind

Outerbridge are always available to help, so Joanne is able to ask us any questions she has about WordPress and her website. Plus she can relax knowing that her website is one less thing she has to think about. Everything’s done for her, and she receives a detailed report once a month so that she knows what’s been done. In fact, we treat her website exactly the same as we treat our own.

Recommendations for professional website services

In fact, Joanne is so impressed with our professional website services that she has since referred several of her clients to us for support with their own websites!

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