The top 10 reasons why your WordPress website isn’t very good

Ever wondered whether your WordPress website is any good? Your suspicions may be unfounded! In “the top 10 reasons why your WordPress isn’t very good”, we take a look at the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to their WordPress websites. People often come to us asking for specific help with something […]

Looking after your WordPress website – everything you need to know

Is Your WordPress Website Getting You Down? Ever wondered why you spend so much time looking after your WordPress website? What is your business? If it’s not web development, then why do you spend so much time trying to work on your website? You could be using that time to focus on your actual business; […]

Google’s new SSL changes will affect you if you still have an http website

Google’s new SSL changes will create a more secure internet. But you will lose customers and rankings if your website is not compliant. What if your website were to stop working for you? No leads, no sales, and no results in search engines like Google? All payments rejected by your payment gateway? An unlikely scenario? Not […]

Cheap hosting can be a false economy – why not all hosting is the same

Cheap hosting at £3 per month? Here at Outerbridge our support packages (including hosting) start at £99 per month! Sounds like choosing the £3 option is a “no-brainer” doesn’t it? Well, before you decide, read on… Cheap hosting, or something better? Well, unlike Model T Ford’s, there are many flavours of hosting available. Your hosting […]

Why, how and how often to backup your WordPress website

Continuing our series on the benefits of a WordPress website support package, this post looks at why it’s so important to backup your WordPress website, and how best to go about it. People often ask us: Why do I need to backup my website? What do I need to backup? How often do I need to take […]

We’ve sweetened our WordPress Website Support Plan Offering

New, sweeter WordPress Website Support Plans We’ve made some changes to our WordPress website support plans over the last month or so (March 2017). We offer three plan levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. For a detailed list of the benefits included in each of the plans please visit our support packages pages. Website Development and Enhancement Time […]

10 things to look for in a WordPress Support Plan or Care Package

What to look for in a WordPress Support Plan My last blog post explained why you might want to think about outsourcing your WordPress website support. This post will help you to find a package that’s right for you. There are a lot of things to consider when selecting someone to look after your WordPress website. […]

Dyn & DDOS – is the internet broken & is your lightbulb to blame?

What is Dyn, and why were they in the news? You may have heard on the news this weekend that a DDoS attack on a company called Dyn was causing intermittent outages across the internet. The problem illustrates a critical aspect of the structure of the internet. And it’s one that non-IT people rarely think about. Rather […]