Fixing a Hacked Website

Fixing a Hacked Website Potential Ransomware We’ve had an interesting week this week at Outerbridge Towers. Someone came to us wanting help with their website. So far, so usual. Unusually, their website had been comprehensively hacked. Outwardly, the site looked normal. Often hackers1 deface the site so that it’s immediately obvious what they’ve done, but […]

Cheap hosting can be a false economy – why not all hosting is the same

Cheap hosting at £3 per month? Here at Outerbridge our support packages (including hosting) start at £99 per month! Sounds like choosing the £3 option is a “no-brainer” doesn’t it? Well, before you decide, read on… Cheap hosting, or something better? Well, unlike Model T Ford’s, there are many flavours of hosting available. Your hosting […]

We’ve sweetened our WordPress Website Support Plan Offering

New, sweeter WordPress Website Support Plans We’ve made some changes to our WordPress website support plans over the last month or so (March 2017). We offer three plan levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. For a detailed list of the benefits included in each of the plans please visit our support packages pages. Website Development and Enhancement Time […]

How Secure Is My Site? And what’s an SSL certificate?

People often ask us “how secure will my website be on your servers”? It’s a great question. And a difficult one to answer. The old adage about a chain being only as strong as its weakest link is very true when it comes to answering this. Site security involves many factors. You need a strong admin […]

Hacked Off?

Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan. That carefully prepared speech becomes a jumble of random words; a stumble on a step ruins a grand entrance; an unexpected guest spoils your special party evening. When your lovingly created WordPress site gets hacked and your visitors are automatically redirected to a different site like the […]